A Place to Learn and Grow
A 4-Star Child Development Center

Proudly serving for last 20 years


 Our Director- Anna Marie Gibson
I am proudly working with children for 10+ years. I have an associate degree in Science. Before promoted to the Director in November 2018, my responsibility was public relation and enrollment.  Also, I was a night manager and toddler class room teacher. I have a 6 year old, I enjoy cartoons, parks and playing in the water with him.
Amy Moran
Jaime Egan
 I love working with Children, I am a mother of 3 and enjoy spending time with my family. I am co-ordinator for Head start and Early  head start program at the center, please feel free to stop and discuss any issues, my doors are always open.
I am office assistant responsible for public relation, enrollment and office work. I love spending time with kids and being one of the people who mentor them and teach them new things.

Elissa Sims
I am a lead teacher at the infant class room. I have 20 years of child care experience. I am a mother of three. I have been working at A Place to Learn and Grow for the last 6 years, and love the children. I love walking and reading.
My name is Adeline, I am finishing my degree in early childhood education in fall of 2019. I am a lead teacher at toddlers room and a night manager. I enjoy working with children. I love teaching and caring for children
Cynthia Salmon
I am proud to say I have been an employee at  Learn and Grow for two years where I am a pre-school teacher. Through 10 years of experience, I can honestly say we make a difference in our children's lives. I have also learned that we need to stay educated as things are always changing. I have a Bachelors in early childhood education.
Regina Atkins
Monica Card
I have been a Dietary/Housekeeping supervisor at A Place to Learn and Grow for past 12 years. I enjoy spending time with children and being able to provide them with a clean and safe environment as well as a healthy menu. In my spare time, I like to read, write poetry and spend time with my four children.
I have been working with children for over seven years. I am an Infant teacher for many  years. I love to watch the kids learn new things and to see them develop and grow. I play Volleyball and Tennis.
Arrel Card
Sheila Edwards
I am a Toddler teacher at A place to learn   and grow. I am a mother of 2 children. I love kids and watch them grow.
Dietician Assistance
Kay Birdsong
Jessie Nisly
I am a pre-school teacher at A place to learn   and grow. I love gardening, building new things. I love to work with children as it is fun and rewarding.
I am an assistant toddler teacher at the center. Children amazed me when they observe closely and ask question about everything. I love to work with them.
Adeline Sanchez