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A Place to Learn and Grow

A 3-Star Child Development Center

Proudly serving for last 25 years

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  • At A Place to Learn and Grow, we provide loving childcare, influenced by moral principles and academic excellence, for children of all ages.

    Our Curriculum, Creative Curriculum and Building, the Primary Classroom, are developmentally appropriate, meet state guidelines and content standards, and are play-based. In addition, classrooms provide a loving and nurturing environment using “Best Practices Theories.” These elements create classrooms that encourage your child to reach their full potential, while having fun.

    Our open-door policy means parents and grandparents are always welcome at A Place to Learn and Grow. We encourage your involvement in our program, and look forward to partnering with you in meeting your family needs.

  • At A Place to Learn and Grow, we are strong believers that today’s children are America’s future. We provide an encouraging environment and academic support that helps children reach their full potential, while having fun. Research shows that 14 million children are home alone after school. When choosing to enroll your child in an after-school program, you reduce their risk of becoming involved in negative behaviors, while nurturing their social interaction which leads to maturation and personal growth.

  • Our infant and toddler programs encourage even the youngest of ages. Nurturing their naturalexploration of their environment, while offering stimulating activities. This carefully guided interaction instills confidence, self-esteem and a desire for discovery. All at a pace that is appropriate for your growing infant or fast paced toddler.

  • Your child’s success in school begins here. Carefully planned learning centers encourage skills and Kindergarten readiness. Our curriculum promotes literacy, in addition to allowing time for math, creativity, science, music, social studies and more. Your child’s dedicated teacher will challenge and nurture confidence, self-esteem, curiosity, self-direction and a love for learning.